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Really comfy sex toy! It's great when we are both tried...
        Joseph Santangelo

Got the large version of this yesterday in the mail. Wifey and I loved it. Awesome invention! ...
               Jay Levy

Your product does look like a very good , even superior to the Gravitizer or the bodybouncer ...
               Shay S

Your chair is a chromeplate metal frame, very nice! It is better than the red spray metal frame, your cost higher but the price cheaper, thk u!
        Michael Spinelli

I just tried the positions in your "For Beginer" page, About four useful positions but those four are great.
                Tim Nickel

I recently purchased your product and Love it! I truly believe this product has great marketability! It's fun for the young and very functional for the elderly.
               James Hall
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Product Info

the Best Sex Furniture!
The CCyell was designed from the outset to be comfortable and natural in bed. Most people find it to be an unusually sensual addition to their love life. Its soft contours and sultry rhythms add a new element to sex that hard do describe - but truly erotic in action.
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The Pleasure Principles

  • check NUANCE
    By minimizing the amount of energy and attention spent on the mechanical routine of sex you can maximize the sensation of sex itself - and joyride that magic line between need and satisfaction.
  • check TENSION
    The curvature of The CCyell saddle causes a gentle compression that yields extra grip and stimulation for the most intensely pleasurable coitus. We call it the velvet vice, and it only happens here.
  • check CONTROL
    The CCyell saddle moves in two direction - straight up and down. No matter what she is doing up there, he's safe down there. What every man wants to know.
  • check FREEDOM
    The CCyell requires only a slight flexing of the thighs to set it in motion, and very little effort to sustain. Even a long groove won't leave you tired or cramped - just relaxed and happy.

Two prop stands

  • One brace and metal leg per set.
  • High quality steel, allow male to lie down under the brace without obstacle.

  • Two sets of elastic element

  • Tested by The Bureau of Standards, Metrology And Inspection, M.O.E.A.
    Tensile strength of single resilient belt, load:300 KGF No breaking off
    Compressive strength of stainless frame bear, load:300 KGFNo collapse

  • The two extremities of elastic elements are separately fixed to the each side of prop stand, forming a seat for female, and this seat is above the male who lies down under the stand, easily makes females pudendum to touch males sex organ.

  • For its elastic elements burden the great part physical weight of female, male neednt bears the whole weight of female and just lies down. In the same way, female easily, by wiggling body, supports the body, could freely take the sexual action and makes balance.

  • By elastic element, wiggling 360 degrees swivel in all directions, the elastic elements support the weight of female body and reduces males physical burden.
  • Construction

    • The CCyell is constructed of the most durable, safest materials available.
    • 500-pound test-strength steel frame with glossy white chrome coated finish.


      M(exterior):50cm(long) x 48cm(wide) x 38cm(high) = 19.7'' long x 18.9'' wide x 15'' high
      M(interior):46cm(long) x 44cm(wide) x 36cm(high) = 18'' long x 17.3'' wide x 14'' high

      L(exterior):55cm(long) x 53cm(wide) x 45cm(high) = 21.7long x 21wide x 17.7'' high
      L(interior):51cm(long) x 49cm(wide) x 43cm(high) = 20'' long x 19.7'' wide x 17'' high

      How to determine which size you need to order (M. vs. L.)? please click here.


    • S:1.95kgs

    Who fits on The CCyell

    • Just about anyone can ride The CCyell. It is very tolerant of physical differences. It has a recommended weight limit of 350 pounds, but it has been tested to 500 pounds for your safety.
    • Most men less than 350 pounds will fit inside The CCyell. The saddle drops to around 8 or 9 inches when bouncing - suitable for most men.
    • While men vary considerably in size, shape and proportionality, they tend to line up more or less the same way under The CCyell. Men who weigh less than 350 pounds will easily get comfortable under The CCyell, and the ride is the same whether you are Ron Steroids or Ron Jeremy, so to speak.
    • Any woman can sit comfortably on The CCyell (but always observe the 350-pound weight limit).

    The First Time

    You researched it, bought it, tested it and threw it on the bed, and now you are about to use it for the first time. The animation in 'How to start' page is helpful to you. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

    • Start with the Trot and Flexer.
    • Stay with these positions until you get a good feeling for the experience.
    • Trust your CCyell.
    • The CCyell design has been tested under brutal conditions, and if you take care of it, it will take care of you.

    If you find yourself intimidated, just close your eyes and concentrate on the physical experience. It is a new world of sensation!

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